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Online Auction Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of our online auction at www.unisilver.net. The bidders are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions upon participation in the bidding activities in our website.

  1. Acceptance of terms and conditions
    1. Your access to or use of www.unisilver.net and its services shall mean your acceptance to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  2. Eligibility of membership
    1. Everyone who completes the online registration can participate on this online auction. Employees of Unisilver Group International Corp., are not allowed to participate in the bidding.

  3. How to earn points
    1. Every member who has completed his registration entitles him an initial earnings of 100 points.
    2. The registered member can refer emails of friends. Every successful friend referral will earn the member an additional 50 points.
    3. Posting comments and questions in Unisilver ShoutBox! entitles a person points. One comment is equivalent to one (1) point. A member can earn a maximum of 100 points per day by joining ShoutBox!. Points earned from friend referrals and online shoppings are not affected by the limit set by ShoutBox!
    4. Purchasing items online will also earn points. For complete information on points system, click here.
    5. All points earned within the website can be used only for the activities within the site and is not convertible to cash.

  4. The bidding process
    1. The website will assign an item for a certain period of time for bidding. In every bid, the member will be deducted 20 points from his remaining points.
    2. Bidders are encouraged to bid for the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for an item. The amount that is shown with the item up for bid will be the basis for the amount to be set by the next bidder. Whoever will have the highest bid at the closing will be the awardee.
    3. The awardee may choose to apply his available points to purchase the item he has won. Ten (10) points is equivalent to 1 Peso (PhP 1.00). Example: 1,500 points = PhP 150.00
    4. The awardee will be notified by email. He will receive the mechanics on how to claim the item he has won.
    5. Winning bidders will be given time to pay for their won items. If an item remains unpaid, the transaction will be cancelled and the equivalent points of the bid amount shall be deducted to your rewards points. For complete details, click here..

  5. Payment and delivery process
    1. The winning bidder will have to pay an additional PhP 65.00 (Metro Manila), PhP 80.00 (Luzon), and PhP 90.00 (VisMin) for the delivery fee for every transaction within the Philippines.
    2. For bidders overseas, the courier fees as well as the terms and conditions for the delivery of the items still apply.
    3. Overseas awardees should pay via credit card (PayPal) while local awardees may choose to pay either via credit card (PayPal) or bank deposit. For local payments kindly deposit your payments to:
      Banco de Oro: Carlos Palanca Quiapo Branch
      Account name: Unisilver Group International Corp.
      Account number: 2600015554
    4. After payment has been verified, the item will be delivered to the address provided by the winning bidder.

  6. Activity Restrictions
    1. Inappropriate language, vulgarity, the use of explicit words, is prohibited in the website. Each member is expected to observe netiquette among fellow members who express their opinion via ShoutBox!
    2. Violators will be warned and be deducted fifty (50) points from his account.
    3. Unisilver reserves the right to remove posts and/or topics which are not related or violates this websites' terms and conditions.

  7. Dormant accounts
    1. Inactive accounts after a period of 6 months shall be deducted 100 points.

  8. Warranty
    1. All items that are being auctioned online are brand new, and all guarantees offered on regular purchases apply.

 Auction: Closing Bid

Closing:17 Jan 2021

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